Flurry Configuration

Over the last few months, I noticed that one of my apps, was searching for GPS long after the app was closed. I noticed that it usually happened in low-GPS areas and seemed intermittent.

After looking into the usual culprits – not calling myLocationOverlay.disableMyLocation()  or not calling locationManager.removeUpdates() in onPause(), I discovered a new problem I hadn’t seen/heard of before.

After some forensic debugging, I found this line of code:

FlurryAgent.onStartSession(this, "<Flurry API Key>");

I thought, there’s no way that Flurry is requesting location and not giving it up when the app is backgrounded, right?


After some digging in the API docs, I found:

static void setReportLocation (boolean reportLocation)

Set whether Flurry should include location information within its reports. Defaults to true.

Calling setReportLocation(false) fixed the leaking GPS issue (since I don’t care about location analytics on Flurry anyway.

Hope that helps someone!


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